Professor Profile: Katherine Hauserman

March 12, 2013

One of the most interesting facts about the CUNY John Jay Program at West Point is that several of the professors who teach in the program are graduates of the program at West Point themselves. One such professor is Katherine Hauserman, who teaches PAD 703 Human Resource Management, as well as PAD 707 Advanced Issues in HR.

Not only did she attend the MPA Program at West Point, but also she currently teaches JJC classes there and works at West Point. Professor Hauserman is a Human Resource Specialist at the U.S. Military Academy, Civilian Personnel Advisory Center. She moved to New York after graduating from the University of Montana with her bachelor’s degree in Sociology, and has been at West Point for the past 23 years.

While working as a Human Resource Specialist in the Office of the Dean at West Point, Professor Hauserman realized that she loved HR work. “I came to the realization that there was so much I could offer if I furthered my education,” she said. She decided to enroll in the MPA at West Point Program, and according to her, “it was the smartest move I ever made.”

Professor Hauserman’s experience in the MPA at West Point program made her realize that public administration is a massive field. “My experience opened my eyes to public administration outside of the federal government and in particular West Point”, she said. “I continually look for ways to use what I have learned and what I continue to learn to teach others. I am able to share my experiences as well as gain insight from others in other public sector jobs.”

As an instructor, Professor Hauserman aims to teach her students the realities of public sector employment and the important lessons she has learned over the course of a 23-year-long career in the federal government. In addition, she facilitates a strong sense of open communication in the classroom in which the students- most of which are public sector employees- can share their own experiences and learn from one another. “I had a great experience when I was in the program,” she said. “I try to create that same experience for my students.”

“She is very knowledgeable. I learned a lot from her through the assignments and her personal work experience,” said Oneisha Staples, who is expected to graduate from the MPA program at West Point in Spring 2013. “She’s a really good teacher!”

Whether it’s working in her professional position, or teaching a group of students, Professor Hauserman stresses the importance of three key skills in working in the public sector: communication, consistency, and leadership. She firmly believes in the importance of being able to talk with those around you, whether at work or at home, and she also believes consistency in the way others are treated, whether you are an employee or a supervisor, is extremely significant. Leadership, she says, incorporates communication and consistency and also includes mentoring and counseling skills which help better everyone in the workplace. According to Professor Hauserman, “The John Jay program is a great place to realize these skills.”

In the future, Professor Hauserman plans to continue to work as a HR professional, and will also continue to teach at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Potentially, she says, there may be a PhD somewhere in her future.